The most advanced barrel fan ever created.

Do you hear that? That’s the quiet whir of the most durable barrel fan ever created. Powerful and highly portable, Sidekick provides more airflow than any other 48” barrel fan on the market. If you want to take it on the go, it’s sized to fit through any standard doorway thanks to swivel casters that make Sidekick easy to push. This energy-efficient directional fan also provides cooling comfort quieter and more reliably than any other fan in its class. Plus, its IPX5 rating means you can experience Sidekick’s premium performance indoors and out.

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  • Powerful airflow from six airfoils, engineered for efficiency
  • Take it anywhere—it’s on wheels! (Technically, it’s on 2 fixed casters and 2 swivel casters that lock in place)
  • Quiet performance thanks to a permanent-magnet motor
  • Adjustable speed dial puts you in control
  • Arrives pre-assembled for easy plug-n-play
  • Indoor and outdoor ready with an IPX5 rating
  • Impact-resistant, open frame
  • Color options: available in standard Black & Yellow and Midnight Black

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Safeguard your investment with a free site visit through our SWAT program. You’ll get expedited service, expert product recommendations, and access to our trade-up program that gives you credit toward an authentic Big Ass Fans product.

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The Industrial Drum Fan that keeps it cool and looks cool双赢集团下载app网址大全

Sidekick provides optimal performance in a sleek, portable design. With an easy push/pull handle and locking swivel casters, Sidekick is perfect for applications that call for energy-efficiency and quiet operation.

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  • Six sleek, durable airfoils for maximum cooling and ventilation
  • Powerful airflow system with variable speed control
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  • Smaller, lighter, and more powerful than any other fan motor in its class
  • 100% passive cooling keeps operating temperature low and efficiency high
  • Brushless DC motor further reduces friction and energy loss
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The Drum Fan With All the Features🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

  • OSHA-compliant steel screen barrel fan with HDPE shroud
  • 4 caster—two of which swivel for easy maneuverability and lock in place for safety
  • 12-foot power cord with plug-and-play capability
  • IPX5 rating for indoor and outdoor use

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Our proprietary SpecLab software uses 3D computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to simulate our fans’ airflow in your space, giving you an accurate look at our fans’ performance before you buy.

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What Our Customers Say About Sidekick双赢集团下载app网址大全

“The Sidekick helps a great deal that the fan is quiet while running so as not to interfere with normal communications between Team members.”

Brad Wheaton

Electrical Operations Team Manager | WWT Corporate Properties

Barreling Over the Competition with Superior Design and Function双赢集团下载app网址大全

This portable fan ranks top of its class in every aspect of performance, from ease of use to unmatched airflow and quiet operation. Thanks to the six glass-filled nylon airfoils powered by our patented variable speed control, you get the perfect breeze every time. When you need portability, Sidekick steps up in style with its easy maneuverability and plug-and-play preassembled delivery.

Quiet Drum Fan—It’s Not An Oxymoron🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

When you need a fan that won’t drown out your podcasts or steal the spotlight at an acoustic concert, Sidekick is the obvious choice. Engineered with a vented shroud to reduce noise, and a six-airfoil design, Sidekick provides consistent airflow without sounding like a helicopter. And you get quiet, controlled airflow every time.

Unrivaled Warranty双赢集团下载app网址大全

Your Big Ass fan is built to last. But in the unlikely event that yours isn’t operating like it’s supposed to, Sidekick is under a 3-year warranty. Depending on our expert recommendation, we’ll repair, replace, or refund your fan for no cost to you. The best part? We handle all warranties without redirecting you to component manufacturers. We make it, we sell it, we install it and we guarantee it.

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At Big Ass Fans, we’re not just the industry leader in airflow—we also set the standard for supporting our customers after they make a purchase. Our airflow experts are here to help you with any questions that arise during product selection and operation.

Take Your Airflow On the Go🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

Call our airflow experts for help with all your fan-related questions or to find out if Sidekick is the right choice for your airflow needs. Call 877-244-3267 to talk with a Big Ass Fans expert to get a quote—our customer service will blow you away.

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