Durable, Versatile Airflow🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

Powerful airflow where you need it most.
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Smart, powerful, and ultra efficient🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • A range of mounting options for ideal airflow placement
  • IP65-rated EC motor for superior protection from dust and water
  • BMS integration and fan grouping with optional BAFCon controller
  • Available diameters of 20, 24, 30, and 36 inches (51, 61, 76, and 91 cm)

BLACK JACK®🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

Powerful airflow that’s a breeze to maneuver🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • Durable rubber wheels and handles allow ease of use indoors or out
  • Perfectly sized to fit through standard interior doorways
  • Arrives pre-assembled and ready for operation
  • 6.5-ft (2-m) frame fits through standard interior doors


The most advanced barrel fan on the market🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • Permanent-magnet motor for quiet, efficient performance
  • Variable speed control with adjustable dial
  • Arrives pre-assembled for immediate use
  • 48-inch (122-cm) diameter

YELLOW JACKET®🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

Unbeatable durability and functionality🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • Heavy-gauge steel frame for durability in industrial applications
  • 10 speed settings with powerful and efficient 1/2 HP motor
  • 360° rotation with lockable positioning and available oscillator
  • 30-inch (76-cm) diameter


The flexible fan for hard-to-reach places🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • Gearless direct-drive motor and precision-molded hub for max efficiency
  • Suite of advanced safety features
  • Direct airflow anywhere with over 1,000 operational settings
  • 6.35-ft (1.9-m) diameter


Maximum airflow on the go🔸168大飞艇风扇

  • Quiet, efficient EC motor with variable speed control
  • Locking swivel casters allow for optimal maneuverability
  • Indoor or outdoor operation for cooling that goes anywhere
  • 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter

DURABLE DESIGN双赢集团下载app网址大全

These fans are designed to deal with whatever the job requires—from harsh industrial facilities to dirty outdoor work.

Versatile Mounting双赢集团下载app网址大全

A wide variety of portable bases and mounting options let you deliver airflow anywhere.


Targeted Airflow双赢集团下载app网址大全

Quiet, efficient motors provide airflow coverage up to 120 feet (37 meters) away.

Ease & Quiet双赢集团下载app网址大全

Most of our directional fans come pre-assembled and ready to create maximum airflow with minimal noise.


Full Control双赢集团下载app网址大全

We met all of OSHA’s safety requirements so that you can meet your people’s comfort requirements with custom speed control.

Cool Features in Every Direction双赢集团下载app网址大全

  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Portable bases and mounting options
  • Available IPX5, washdown-ready designs
  • OSHA-compliant cages standard for all floor fan models
  • Airflow coverage up to 120 feet (37 meters) away
  • Quiet, efficient motors that cost pennies a day to operate


Real-world facilities have walls, equipment, and tight aisles that require unique airflow solutions.

That’s why we engineered versatile fan models—both mobile and mounted—to withstand years of daily abuse and keep people cool in every corner of your space, inside and out.

Directional HVLS fans (high volume, low speed fans) are fan-favorites as warehouse fans, commercial fans, hangar fans, workshop fans, factory fans, barn fans, and even fans for your outdoor wedding, venue, or event.

In other words: Wherever you need cooling or ventilation, there’s a Big Ass Fans directional fan for that.

Get Airflow In Any Direction🔸彩票带赚团队正规平台

Call our airflow experts to get a custom recommendation for creating energy-efficient comfort in your space. You’ll be blown away!