Fitness Centers

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Fitness Centers THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT Working just as hard as your members (or maybe even harder), Big Ass Fans® create air movement to make a person feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler without the clutter, noise and trip hazard of floor fans. While your members work to...

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Specialty Gyms

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Indoor Sports THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT Whether your facility is open 12 hours a day or 24/7, Big Ass Fans® work around the clock. Providing comfort to a room full of Pilates enthusiasts at sundown or the lone elliptical rider in the wee hours of the morning, Big Ass Fans...

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Indoor Sports

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Indoor Sports TEAMWORK OR INDIVIDUAL From high school gyms to NFL sporting arenas, Big Ass Fans® add much-needed air movement to maintain comfort for athletes and spectators. Working with your HVAC system, Big Ass Fans circulate conditioned air to reduce load...

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