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Worship Facilities/Nonprofits

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WORSHIP FACILITIES/NONPROFITS COMFORT FROM ABOVE Big Ass Fans® were originally designed to circulate air throughout tall, large spaces, such as dairy barns and airplane hangars. But who knows more about cathedral ceilings than cathedral managers? Recognizing a need to...

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Theme Parks

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Theme Parks THE BIG KAHUN-ASS Along with the rides, the slides, the rivers and the waves, theme parks get a boost from Big Ass Fans®. Just as you offer a large selection of attractions, we have fans for every conceivable situation. Overhead, portable, oscillating,...

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Outdoor Venues

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Outdoor Venues AN AWARD-WINNING PERFORMANCE From opera to hard rock, a Shakespearean sonnet to a string quartet, your guests are there to enjoy the performance. Big Ass Fans® silently move the air, offering an intermission from uncomfortable conditions. In outdoor...

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Sports Venues

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Sports Venues SPECTATOR COMFORT Summer afternoons at a ball game are a lot more comfortable with the addition of Big Ass Fans®. Even in large, non-conditioned spaces like stadiums, the massive air movement provided by Big Ass Fans can make spectators and athletes feel...

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Office Space

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Office Space SERIOUS BUSINESS Always on time, never leaves early, works hard all day … wouldn’t it be nice if you could say that about all your employees? Big Ass Fans® operate year round, providing much-needed air movement quietly and efficiently. Big Ass Fans work...

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Retail BIG FANS ON DISPLAY Looking for a way to set your shop apart from the rest? Big Ass Fans® are always in style. Big Ass Fans work hand in hand with A/C systems to both provide a 10°F (5.6°C) cooling effect and evenly distribute conditioned air throughout the...

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Hospitality A WELCOME GUEST A joyous occasion, a great meal and a dance-worthy band are a few of the key ingredients to a successful event. But provide an uncomfortable venue, and that will be the only lasting memory. Big Ass Fans® greet guests in foyers and...

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Event Centers

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Event Centers CENTER STAGE Stage right, stage left, concessions, hallways, food courts—Big Ass Fans® can be adjusted to provide optimum airflow regardless of facility size or occupancy level. Working solo or hand-in-hand with HVAC systems, Big Ass Fans provide a 10°F...

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Bars & Restaurants

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Bars & Restaurants NCREASE RETENTION AND PROFITS Want your customers to stay longer, have a couple more drinks, order dessert and come back again? Of course you do! One of the simplest ways to retain diners is to ensure they’re comfortable. Big Ass Fans work...

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